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Peter Sesselmann

Man with the horn Barry Tuckwell Archibald entry

Man with the horn Barry Tuckwell Archibald entry

Barry Tuckwell. Australia’s most famous French Horn player. At the time of painting this portrait. Barry had been retired for a few years. As we were getting ready to take some pictures he placed the horn on his lap and looked at it longingly and lovingly. like it was an old friend or lover. Luckily I had my camera ready and quickly snapped a shot. although the photo was way too dark and almost no detail was visible this was the picture that had the most emotional content. by using lots of other photos taken and the sketches I managed to paint it anyway. To make things even harder I decided to paint it on RAW CANVAS (no primer) this gave a goos effect but sucked up paint like there was no tomorrow. After finishing a day of painting I would return the next day to find almost all the previous days work had sucked into the canvas and almost disappeared. Anyway it came together at the end... Didn’t win though!
Height 1800mm x Width 1500mm
Price Category: H

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