June 23 – July 10
Monday, Tuesday. Thursday, Friday 1pm–4pm
Saturday, Sunday 11am–4pm

Sesselmann Gallery
245 Frame Drive, Sawyers Gully
NSW, 2326

Opening night

Friday 23 June, 2017


selected new works by Peter Sesselmann and Stevi Cannon


Painted to jazz soundtracks, using his signature palette of blue, red, yellow, Peter conducts the paintbrush across the surface like a soundboard. The canvas or panel becomes his instrument and the paintbrush a tool to write abstract notes as he jams along to the music he hears and loves. Working from the structure of the natural grain of the wood, and using acrylic paint from dry pigment, Stevi's uses a range of individual painterly techniques to explore her rst response to paint, colour and process. A series of layers are carefully built — hiding and revealing her actions — inviting the viewer to decode the mysterious surface.